Be Yourself

do not go gentle

What is left when you give up everything? Following the old circuits, sending electricity through the frayed wires, stumbling down dark hallways of the forgotten world that has burned down. Retracing steps through the familiar maze that led you to the center, but never led you to the way out. These things do not work here anymore. Not for you. Not ever. They never did. There is no kiss in the past that you missed that will save you. You are the only hero in your own story. Awaken to your fury and relish in your righteous, pure intention of purpose.

It is here. You are standing on the edge of a cliff, and behind you, you’re chased by demons and dragons and rabid dogs of internal wars, of familiar pain dressed up like comfort and safety. You look in front of you, and there is air and sky and crashing waves, beating the rocks below. There is darkness and the unknown and uncertainty. There is no ground. It’s fire or falling. Blood or breath. Sometimes you are frozen in a moment of panic and despair. Awash in fear that your destiny is only to repeat the chase, to stop and stare, to refuse to move, to turn to stone and wait until you crumble.

We cannot afford to stay the same. We cannot go backward. We cannot regress. Hibernation is not life. There is no truth in compromising yourself. There is no honor in stagnation. There is no shame in falling. There is no limit to what happens next except those we impose on ourselves.

There is this world we arise inside, a swirling, hot, angry cry from the caves of the earth. We cannot run any longer. We are united in our hive mind horror, and individual in our own separate prison cells.

The room in your heart is on fire because you are burning. This is not a test. This is the time to stand and fight. Do not listen to the hungry cries for rest. Do not let apathy and despair and the inevitability of death and destruction prevent you from changing your mind. Look the dragons dead in the in eyes. Stand inside yourself, stand inside everything you know to be true and real and good. Believe in your body. Believe in your power. Believe in your own worth. Believe in the beauty you have inside. Your intuition is your guide. Do not yield. Do not give up. Do not sleep. Do not hide. Cast off the smallness that seeks to bind you. You are too loud, bright, vibrant. You are massive. Thermodynamic. You are fusion.

Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

There is no changing yourself. There is undoing. Uncovering what has always existed there. Look again into the darkness. Look harder. Deeper. It is a mirror. It is always a mirror. Go further. Say goodbye. Jump. Because there is no more falling. It’s time to rise.

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