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Be Yourself: Amplifying Your Authenticity With Ayahuasca

Amor by Luis Tamani – his Ayahuasca spirit art is EPIC. https://www.luis-tamani.com/

What if I told you there are organically digital, intuitive instructions you can download from the creation source for how to be a human on this planet? And that we have had access to this information for the entirety of human existence, and it is all contained in a vine that grows deep in the Amazon jungles of South America, as well as in other hallucinogenic plants? What if all you had to do to begin to walk on the path of learning and understanding the meaning of your life and of existence itself is to sit around a fire with a shaman and drink some plant medicine, go into yourself, and listen to your highest intuition tell you what to do to heal the things that ail you? What if your physical aches and pains are actually things that manifest in your physical body because of negative thinking, lifestyle choices, environmental toxins, and poor nutrition and diet? What if you could change your body and your life by changing how you interact with the Earth, changing what you eat, and how you think? It sounds totally ludicrous, and yet it’s true. It’s so simple, infinity. You can talk to God by drinking plants. Because you are God. We all are. Surprise! Infinity is inside you! The hologram is real! GAHHHHHHHHH. What a hilarious relief.

There are so many beautiful theories of evolution, existence, and consciousness that have sprung from the minds and hearts of the psychonauts who have experienced and shared these medicines over the years. Timothy Leary, Aldous Huxley, Albert Hoffman (the inventor of LSD), Terence McKenna, Alan Watts, Ram Dass, Joe Rogan, hell even Michael Pollan is joining team psychedelia (this is so awesome because like, even your mom likes Michael Pollan.) And let’s not forget the Women of the Psychedelic Renaissance, Zoe Helene, Christine Breese, Ecuador’s Mujeres de Luna, and the countless other indigenous medicine women, high priestesses, and shaman queens who are unknown to history, keeping fires, preparing medicines, and raising families and children, and all of us, into these healing traditions.

I have had five ayahuasca journeys so far, and each one has been radically different, but all are deeply connected. I am the heroine of my own video game dream, where Aya (grandmother) and San Pedro (grandfather) are building me up with life, knowledge, powers, totems, animal connections, indigenous wisdom, and love so that I can go further with them each time, and also help others integrate their own journeys into real life self care actions. My life force is bigger and stronger than it’s ever been, and I am just going to get to amplify everything I am learning exponentially forever. And you can have it too.

This life is really fucking cool, y’all.

Many people take plant medicines and are blasted off into another realm where they are shown visions of past and future lives, connections to ancient and mystical native and indigenous cultures and customs, turned into animals and insects, or see future events of their own lives. There’s a very intense come up on Aya that can last for hours, which is a bit of a fancy light show, an infinity chaos circus. For me, she starts up the sacred geometry mind meld and overtakes me with the essence of science, time, and space, and also unravels those things into pure essence. I’ve spent a lot of time in the human suffering gutter. Sickness, poverty, violence, death. These are all things we get stuck in at the bottom, and you have to really understand your own humanness to begin to ascend into higher planes. I am learning now how to navigate this part using my breath, surrender, and becoming the vibrations that correspond to my own true being. Concepts like good and bad, duality, truth – everything starts to unravel into designs, colors, feelings, warmth, cold, a world beyond language, beyond understanding, beyond comprehension.

A friend of mine had a vision of all of us in an ancient Egyptian temple, all kneeling down begging for mercy as the Source gave us a little bit of her power at a time, pressing down just a tiny bit of the infinite consciousness onto us. I loved this story because it’s such a gorgeous visualization of what ayahuasca feels like. You’re simultaneously blasted into minuscule atoms and quarks and exploded into a supernova of all of light, darkness, and creation. You can see the beginning and the end, and it’s the same. Everything is a piece of the whole, and it’s also the entire whole. AT THE SAME TIME.

There has been so far, a very strong pull for me to leave with her and go exploring. Leave my body, meld into the shapes, lose my ego, forget about myself and go into the abyss of everything and nothing. Because of my intense desire and need for self love and body love, and because of the very clear directives she has been delivering, I feel I have so much work to do in this body, in this realm. I’ve been really reluctant to let go completely and go with her. This last time, I asked for more time in my body and she was like, “Ok. I am ready to show you when you are ready. It’s going to be soon. We have work to do.”

And then she literally turned me into a rainbow. I became the spectrum of love, of all positive, enlightened, peaceful consciousness. My body felt euphoric and buzzy. What I have discovered is that my bliss state is vibrating as the lotus flower rainbow spider. I am fully in the room, in my body, but I am made of light and music, just pure vibration. I generally am sitting up from here and moving, dancing, laughing, and generally feeling AMAZING. She shows me things in my own life that I’ve been blind to, and I am constantly cracking up because she talks to me in my own sassy biscuit voice. If I need to get up and walk to the restroom, I can and it is like “goddess walking” – like I literally am the goddess doing everything. This feeling has spilled over into my waking life, and I have just stared walking around all the time being the Rainbow Spider Lotus Goddess. Thinking of myself as a true deity doing dishes or gardening or sleeping. When you begin to think of yourself as a divine being, it is impossible to feel anything but gratitude and self love. I would never treat someone so exalted in a negative way.

So far, the true messages from Aya about my life, how to really be here in love and presence, and how I am going to use my gifts to teach others, is astounding. So yes, I have seen the visions too, but so far, I am really content and excited to implement the work I need to do here. The gratitude for the water, the food, the planet we live on i sso immense, and I feel so lucky to be able to stand in this knowledge. I have become a truly connected earth child, just wanting to do my part to take care of myself and eat well, move my body, love people and be loved, give and receive touch, and just encourage every single person I meet to fully go into themselves, find out what they love, and do that as hard as they fucking can. We need YOU to be yourself. Be kind to yourself. Treat yourself like the god or goddess that you are. So many people get up on the flying carpet during our San Pedro ceremonies and they DON’T LIKE THEMSELVES. Beautiful, gorgeous, talented, stunning humans spending all day and night telling ourselves that we are broken. Damaged. Not enough. Not pretty or thin or handsome or talented or good enough.

Listen up, Family.


Exactly as you are. Not thinner, not richer, not with a better car or newer phone or bigger house or more of anything. You don’t need anything. Everything you have right now is enough. What do you have? What do you think you’re missing? You are single? Awesome! You don’t need another person to be complete. If you are waiting for this, you’re missing out on the magic of being you. When you walk fully into your own authentic, wonderful, godlike nature, you don’t need anything. You don’t appear as having a deficit that someone needs to fill. It took me years and years to understand this conceptually and then finally give it to myself. That hole inside me is gone because it was never there in the first place. So much of what we agonize over is fake news. We make up these dramas of scarcity so we will have something to do. We are the most privileged generation in the history of the world. We have everything we could ever want. And still we think it’s not enough.

So how do we stop these negative narratives from taking over our thoughts and planting weeds in our minds? We cultivate mind flowers. One amazing thing that really works is affirmations. I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people like me! Developing positive affirmations to replace the negative chatter is a really simple and immediate way to start chipping away at the voice in our heads that doesn’t serve us. All you have to do is take the things you say to yourself that hurt and turn them around. If you say “I am fat, my body is ugly.” Change that to “I am beautiful and lovable just as I am. My body is a temple.” Make it yours and talk to yourself like you are a beautiful, innocent child. Because you are.

Abundance is a choice. When you decide that you are abundant, that you have more than enough, that sharing and inclusion are your default settings, that is true power. Trusting that you can create the life you want by living it now is real life magic. You can decide that you’re beautiful, that your body is gorgeous and sexy, that you are wonderful at music, art, singing, writing, whatever it is that’s your thing. Walk into your own abundance, and you will be astounded at how life begins to open up for you. Ayahuasca isn’t showing us some secret of the meaning of life. She’s reminding us what we are. Infinite beings of love and light.

If you are interested in joining me in experiencing these beautiful plant medicines, read more about Gaia Sagrada here: www.gaiasagrada.com

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